Jaco van der Vyver

Jaco van der Vyver


Hobbies outside of CrossFit?
Playing FIFA with my friends, spending time with my loved ones and animals. And going away over weekends to some of my favourite getaway places.

Favourite Movie?
The internship.

Best and worst movement to Coach and why?
Absolutely love coaching the Olympic lifts, nothing better than to teach beginners and clients new to a movement, something really technical. Teaching pull ups to a big class is probably one of the more challenging movements to me.

Favourite song to train to?
Anything by Rise Against

What do you love most about CrossFit Valley Road?
Building up a dream I have had for a very long time bit by bit. Taking it from a dirty empty warehouse floor to something special that every member can be really be proud of. This is my Home. Here we turn ordinary people into extraordinary fit, healthy and strong individuals.

Your favourite CrossFit Benchmark Workout?
“Amanda” – view a video of it being done here >

Strengths as a Coach?
Being able to adjust and adapt to any situation without compromising the class or session taking place. Being able to think fast on your feet and handle really big classes takes a lot of experience. Quality over quantity.

Sporting Background and current field you compete in?
Growing up I played every sport that was available to me. Provincial Athletics, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis.

Top 3 Sporting achievements?
EP Academy Player of the year 2009

2013 3rd CrossFit Open Africa, 4th CrossFit Regionals Africa,
2014 5th CrossFit Open Africa , 7th CrossFit Regionals Africa
2015 Winner of King of the mountain Cape Town
2015 2nd place at Pretoria Throwdown
2015 4 th fittest in South Africa CrossFit Open

2014 SA Champs 1st place Winner 105kg weight division